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When you are thinking of China's tourism, what would come to your mind first? It must be the famous landmarks of China: the Great Wall in Beijing, the Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an, and the skyscrapers in Shanghai. General speaking, those sites brings the very first impression of China travel. But, beyond them, your lens can catch more amazing scenes when you stroll inside this unbelievable land. If you plan to explore all kinds of scenery in China for the 1st time tour, I can firmly tell you "Totally Impossible!".

So where to start your China tour? Best Places to Visit in China is aiming to helping you to plan the most impressive China tour. Some people may interested in visit historic sites or ancient towns in China; some people may prefer to explore the most beautiful natural landscape in China; some people would like to witness the skyscrapers and mordern cities'view in China... In this page, you can find grand tourists destinations and various attractive attractions in China in categories. You may choose accordingly the preferable tourist places for your China tour plan.

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