Loyalty & Referral Programs

Dear TCT friends,

Good News~ Welcome to join Top China Travel’s loyalty and referral program! Loyalty and referral should be rewarded. TCT decide to offer the ” Bonus of Loyalty ID” for your next trip to Asia!

USD100 per group USD150 per group USD200 per group
For 7-11 Days new booking For 12-19 Days new booking For 20+ Days new booking
  • WHO:
    The bonus can be used by you or anyone you want to share . It can be cashed in either by yourself or anyone you recommend, for a trip with Top China Travel! This can only be redeemed by one person per trip.
  • VALID:
    Any bonus of your loyalty ID is valid for up to 2 years, by you or anyone you want to share them with for a trip booked with Top China Travel.
    US$100 for a private Asia trip 7 days to 11 days, US$150 for a private Asia trip 12 days to 19 days, and US$200 for a private Asia trip 20 days or more.
    Present your previous tour reference number or email address when submitting your tour inquiry. Your loyalty ID will be created and recognized by our system!

Referral Program

Refer friends, and you both get bonus

By referring your friend to book a tour of 7 days or longer to 11 days with TCT, you will receive a Bonus valued at USD100, and your friend will save USD 100 on the first tour. All BONUS CAN BE USED TOGETHER. The more you refer, the more you get:
(When introducing a friend, please write an email to us saying "I recommend e.g. Elsa for the Bonus of Referring", then your friend should present your name/email address/tour reference number).

Bonus Reward for Referrer Bonus Reward for New Guest(s) Applied to the tour
USD100 /group invited USD100 /tour booked 7-11 Days
USD150 /group invited USD150 /tour booked 12-19 Days
USD200 /group invited USD200 /tour booked ≥20 Days