Since I went back to AGD I've found that today's AGD series of Markers are not what they used to be. I thought they were great then but now, Level 10 kits equate to no chopped paint UltraLite Trigger pull kits, Custom bodies, the list is endless. For the best selection take a look at Airgun Designs For all the latest goodies. These are still among the most reliable, best engineered Markers today. If you haven't looked them over lately, you should.

AutoMag Products Price Photo
Grip Frames, Body Parts, and Related
Benchmark AutoMag 45 frame $57.50 Photo
Dye AutoMag 45 Frame, Chrome $66.50 Photo
DYE Two-Finger Trigger - Chrome $14.50 Photo
LAPCO Vertical Adapter $11.00 Photo
LAPCO AutoMag Vertical Adapter - Two-Hole $14.00 Photo
LAPCO Bottomline $11.00 Photo
High Flow On/Off Top $6.50 Photo
LAPCO Thumb Adjuster - Stainless $14.50 Photo
AGD AutoMag Parts Kit $17.50 Photo
AGD RT Parts Kit $21.50 Photo